We ideate and enable digital technologies, processes and applications to empower distributed manufacturing.

Proprietary manufacturing knowhow engineered into a suite of digital fabrication equipment and deployed through an ’Edge Economy’ platform for our mission aligned ecosystem of designers and fabricators to reconfigure global mass manufacturing supply & retail value chains for a growing range of products.

We Overcome The Challenges Of Distributed Manufacturing

Our mission is to catalyze a global reset with a shift away from mass manufacturing to MaaS (one to one personalized custom manufacturing as a service) of products; to dislodge, dismantle or entirely decouple segments of mass manufacturing supply and retail value chains to affordably deliver ‘complete custom neighborhood made’ personalization.

, our first manufacturing industry application, delivers on demand, custom personalized furniture, decor and signage, from any one of our Digital Twin Ecosystem locations geographically closest to the customer from a thoughtfully curated portfolio of brands and collections.

The Curated Design Library

Our Curated Design Library has a plethora of high quality designs that are optimized to our 2ulfab manufacturing process. Each design is optimized so that it can be run on our platform, anywhere on the planet.

Zero Inventory, Low Lead Time

Our Curated Designs are optimized to our suite of digital fabrication equipment. That equipment is run with digital code, but not always the same one. Our technology platform is the literal “Babel Fish” which allows our suite to all speak the same language, resulting in exactly the same product no matter the fabrication equipment.

With a Human Touch

We’re not all gears and no heart. Our core is our human touch. You know who is making your stuff, and they know you. Our process gives our fabricators the tools to make a quality product every time, and a fair wage for doing it.


Designers & Digital Fabricators
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We are expanding our curated collection of furniture and accessory designs for the home and office, to be produced and sold worldwide through our distributed manufacturing and e-commerce platform.

 is committed to a transparent and ethical environment for your creativity. If you‘re a designer that use digital fabrication manufacturing for your well designed and compelling products and would like to know more about licensing your designs and joining the New Edge ecosystem, please let us know.

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